One of our goals with FATRA containers and mini containers is the preservation of the environment! For this, we dispose all the materials in the most ecological way possible. We have sorting centers where materials are transported. Our wide range of containers are designed to transport, store and recycle green waste, soil, asphalt shingles, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, cement and more.



In order to build an effective collaboration, we recommend that you successively follow the steps below:

  1. Plan carefully what you can put in your container ;
  2. Determine the necessary duration of the rental ;
  3. Validate the regulations in your municipality ;
  4. Contact us via our email address or phone number ;
  5. Choose the container with the right capacity ;
  6. Validate your order ;
  7. Container delivery ;
  8. Use ;
    • Collection and sorting of different materials.
    • Loading content.
    • Container weighing.
    • Routing of materials ready for recycling.
  9. Return of the container after the period of use.

For steps 1, 2 and 5, we also provide you with experts to help you complete these steps.


The container is set up the next day (Monday – Saturday) following the order; he is likewise removed the day after the call for removal. For any delivery order at a later date, please agree with the container management service. One to two days notice would be ideal.

Try not to leave a container unnecessarily in place for an extended period of time to prevent third parties from depositing waste. 

Construction rubble must always be disposed of, or even recovered separately, without containing other polluting waste. It is often cheaper to sort on site, eg. wood / rubble / mixed construction waste.

After invoicing and on the fixed date. We reserve the right, after agreement, to collect the amount due directly on the site.

The container can only be loaded up to the height of the body edge. We want and must transport its load in accordance with road traffic regulations. This is only possible if the container is not overloaded.